A small studio that developed into a major group of professional service companies.

The Group emerged from a small engineering and architectural studio belonging to the CEO and founder in the early 1980s when he began to receive business offers from private companies and public institutions. The studio intended to offer added value by providing consultancy services and executing complex projects. What were initially one-off clients began to seek these services on a more regular basis, which led to a professional overload, with the studio going as far as to transfer professionals from its own team to clients so as to cater for their rising demands.

So it was that in 1989 the first company in the group was born to specialize in outsourcing professional services - a true revolution in the 1980s. GrupoSepro has not stopped growing ever since, gradually diversifying its range of quality professional services.


Juan Antonio León Melero founded a small engineering and architectural studio.


SeproSer Servicios Profesionales y Proyectos, S.L. was created to specialize in service outsourcing.

Carlos León Ortega, a civil engineer by trade, joined the company's management team as a partner.


Fernando Ruíz de Assín joined the Group as CFO and later became a member of the board of directors as a partner.


SeproTem Empresa de Trabajo Temporal, S.A. was created: a pioneering company in managing Temporary Employment services.


Partner Juan Julián León joined the Group whilst completing his studies in business management.

The new Conference Interpreting business line was launched.


SeproTec Traducción e Interpretación, S.L. emerged to take care of the translation and interpreting services that GrupoSepro had already been offering for years.


SeproTec launched a pioneering telephone interpreting service that soon became crucial for public services, including medical emergencies and police matters.

Vanessa León, a graduate in business management and marketing, joined the group as a partner whilst completing her studies.


The Group opened its first international office in London.


SeproEventos, S.L. was created to take over comprehensive management of corporate events and conferences.

SeproAsistencia, S.L. emerged to provide social and healthcare-related services.


SeproTec appeared for the first time on the Common Sense Advisory list of the world's top translation and interpreting companies.


The international organization Europe's 500 listed SeproTec as one of the 40 fastest-growing companies in Europe.


SeproTec launched the software, video game, app and website localization service.


GrupoSepro celebrated its 25th anniversary


Juan Antonio León Melero, CEO and founder of the Group, passed away.

Carlos León took his father's place as CEO and entrusted his former post as General Manager to Juan Julián León, with Vanessa León becoming Executive Manager.

SeproTem was certified as an official recruitment agency.


GrupoSepro expanded its production capacity by opening a new base in Austin, Texas.

SeproTec acquired 100% of Lidolang Translations, one of the most important translation and localization companies in Eastern Europe, thereby strengthening its presence on the European market.

The company participated in the creation and launch of SHIP Global IP, an innovative and comprehensive industrial property portfolio management firm.


SeproAsistencia was reinvented to become the Special Employment Center.

A new office opened in Basel, Switzerland to support the work of SeproTec and SHIP Global IP.