The Sepro Group currently comprises six companies offering comprehensive professional solutions in multilingual services (translation and interpreting), industrial and intellectual property (managing patents throughout their entire life cycle), organizing events and conferences, facility services (general real estate services), services rendered through the special employment center and temporary employment.

León Ortega

Sepro Group President

"We believe in delivering relevant, ethical and quality professional services. We are honest in everything we think and do, and our customers are always at the heart of our decisions."

Carlos León Ortega, Carlos León, GrupoSepro Chairman, Sepro Group Chairman


A small studio that developed into a major group of professional service companies.

The Group emerged from a small engineering and architectural studio belonging to the CEO and founder in the early 1980s when he began to receive business offers from private companies and public institutions. The studio intended to offer added value by providing consultancy services and executing complex projects. What were initially one-off clients began to seek these services on a more regular basis, which led to a professional overload, with the studio going as far as to transfer professionals from its own team to clients so as to cater for their rising demands.

So it was that in 1989 the first company in the group was born to specialize in outsourcing professional services - a true revolution in the 1980s. GrupoSepro has not stopped growing ever since, gradually diversifying its range of quality professional services.



  • 1989

    Founded in

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    Production Centers

  • 6

    Companies involved in the professional services sector

    · Multilingual Services
    · Industrial and Intellectual Property Service
    · Event and Conference Organizing
    · Facility Services
    · Special Employment Center
    · Temporary Employment


The GrupoSepro business model is special because it strongly integrates the resources of every brand we work with. We do all of this to offer services that are professional, ethical, of the highest standards, and fair for our clients and for the people who work in and for the company. To achieve that goal, we are supported by a flexible structure and our unfailing maxim: a customer focus guiding everything we do.

To lead the sector thanks to: the quality of our management processes; research and development of innovative services that offer added value for our clients; recruiting and training the best professionals; offering a local service through domestic and international expansion; and fully adapting to the needs of our key stakeholders.

We believe in a business model based on robustness and hard work to develop all the areas we are involved in.


Client focus


Engagement with society and our surroundings

  • Team

  • Carlos León Ortega

  • Juan Julián León Ibánez
    Managing Director

  • Miguel Ángel Sevil Grimal
    Commercial and Marketing Director

  • Fernando Ruiz de Assín Jordá

  • María Vanessa León Ibáñez
    Executive Director

  • Eugenio Casalengua Villegas
    HR Director

  • Carlos Vidal Garralón
    Administration Director

Social Responsibility

We believe that
'we are our surroundings'

The Group's sustained growth has made stakeholders and employees more aware of the social environment around us. This awareness has pushed GrupoSepro to accept its ineluctable responsibility as one of the leaders in the sector to improve and contribute efficiently to society and sustainable development.

Every year, GrupoSepro reaffirms its support for the UN Global Compact and its ten action principles. With this in mind, we have developed a series of principles and practices that foster and uphold the principles of the UN Global Compact, human rights, anti-discrimination, freedom, care for the environment and the fight against corruption.

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We are strongly committed to ensuring compliance with the law and with human rights and public freedoms, both in Spain and in every one of the jurisdictions where GrupoSepro or any of its companies operate.
We foster and respect workers' rights and take pride in ensuring fair working hours and salaries, abiding by each country's regulations, observing the applicable bargaining agreements and guaranteeing compliance with the ILO's standards and guidelines.

We have built a favorable framework in terms of labor relations, and we like to encourage our employees' development, ensuring equal rights, implementing good work-life balance conditions wherever possible, applying a zero-tolerance policy regarding any form of discrimination, integrating underprivileged groups and people at risk of social exclusion, and respecting diversity.
Every one of GrupoSepro's procedures are compliant with labor regulations and social standards, and we apply pro-active policies to promote a safe and healthy work environment.
We have pledged to gradually apply internationally acknowledged corporate governance practices based on the principle of transparency, in line with our ethical code and our firm stance against unfair competition.
We disapprove of any non-ethical practices to obtain specific benefits, and of corruption on the whole. We will do everything in our power to prevent this sort of practice.
We promise to observe the strictest confidentiality regarding any private information provided by our clients as a result of the professional execution of our business. To ensure this, we are constantly checking our processes and computer security systems, as well as signing NDAs with our clients and collaborators.
We encourage projects and activities that contribute toward sustainable development and promote environmental initiatives. We have spent years working in compliance with quality and environmental policies that are audited and certified by external consultants. We implement policies to save energy and paper and keep an eye on our CO2 emissions in a constant effort to improve.
Download the Quality and Environment Policy.

and Groups

GrupoSepro and its brands are involved in a great many associations and groups which we actively collaborate with: